An Introduction

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while now…once, I even got as far as ‘publishing’ my first post – a post explaining what my blog was about and what it’s purpose was. That was my first and last post. I promise myself that this is going to be different, this time I’m actually going to follow through with my blog and post observations about people, about things, about life that intrigue me. The whole purpose of the blog is to put my thoughts down somewhere. Now, I could have done it on paper as well, but as someone who enjoys a good debate, writing down something on paper doesn’t give you that wide audience that you need for a good discussion to start. So, through my observations and thoughts about what I see and experience I would like to be involved in good-natured discussions on the things that I post.

I know inviting discussions and debate over the internet can be a tricky business – often the anonymity of the internet acts as a power for people to act as ‘keyboard warriors’ or ‘trolls’. While I don’t mind entertaining good natured trolls that are just having ‘light banter’ the last thing I want is for rude, inappropriate things being said which aim to spread hatred towards anyone based on their looks,, the colour of their skin, their religion, their nationality their belief or their faith. So let’s hope that we can keep our good behaviors on this blog and try to be friendly with everything that we post and say.

So here’s a bit about myself. I’m someone who doesn’t really have “home”. I’m a stranger to the country I was born in, and a stranger in the country that I was raised in as well. While some might find that a bit sad, I think it has been a blessing in disguise. It’s allowed me to experience multiple cultures while not having to live by one particular set of rules set by the culture I’m living in. It’s allowed me to introduce myself not as someone who is from ONE country but rather multiple countries. It’s allowed me a starting point for conversations with people that say, “Your accent is weird…where are you from?” I know people that find it annoying having to answer all these questions about where they are from, I on the other hand encourage them for the mere purpose that it actually allows me to ask myself that question. Where am I from? Am I from the country where I was born? Or am I from the country where I was raised – the country that gave me my friends, my educations that arguably molded me into the person I am from? It leads to the bigger question of individuality and what arguably defines as all as individuals. Is it the roots that we have come from, or rather what we have become? Should I be known because of who my parents are and who has raised me or should I be known because of the person that I am as an individual?

I’ll leave that discussion or another post I guess…this is just supposed to be the introductory post. But as you can already tell, my posts are not going to be very coherent. They are an attempt to get my thoughts down on ‘paper’ and my thoughts tend to rumble on incoherently. I’m going to try and put them in a coherent manner, however, I can’t promise anything. The posts will probably end up starting about something and end up on another topic. I apologies for that in advanced, it’s just the way my mind works. It tends to start slow…and once in gear it just speeds away like an F1 car.

Coming back to the topic about myself; I’m just someone who enjoys sitting silently and observing people. I tend to form a lot of different thoughts and ideas in my head and more often than not, that leads to me being in a constant mood to ask people different questions and annoy them. I’m also someone you can classify as “the devils advocate”. I tend to take a very unique stance about various topics in an attempt to entice people to debate even if I don’t agree with the opinion that I’m expressing. I might end up doing similar things on this blog…posting controversial topics just to get people talking and discussing. So, to try and reach a wider audience with my observations and see what other people think about observations I’ve decided to start a blog and posts my thoughts on this. It’s something that various people (including someone who’s opinion I value a lot) have recommended I do, and I guess they’ve said it because they are tired of having to listen to my constant moaning about this world. So I guess I’ll just become one of those people that constantly moans at the internet now. I do apologies in advanced if this post, or any other future posts end up about me just rambling about a topic. Again, it’s not meant to be attacking anyone or anyone’s belief, they are just my opinion. You are more than welcome to accept it or reject it as your will.

I’ll sign off this post by leaving my readers with a very thoughtful quote from a book that I’m reading. “If fate doesn’t make you laugh, you just don’t get the joke”. Until next time!


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