God Willing!

I wanted to avoid the topic of religion for as long as I could, but recent things that have been happening around me has prompted me to have a little rant in my blog regarding this topic. I’ve recently heard the phrase, “Yeah..it didn’t happen, maybe God didn’t want it to happen” or something like, “Well, if not now then whenever God wants it to happen”. What irks me about this statement is that people allow themselves to have a readymade excuse should things not go their way, allowing themselves the flexibility to not have to give their 110% to a cause. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a rant about religion or a rant about destiny vs. fate. This is a rant about people using religion as a crutch, rather than a ladder.

 I think before I begin, it’s necessary to make it clear that I have nothing against religion. My paternal family is a very orthodox family, who value their religion a lot. My parents are very religious people, especially my father. Yet, I’ve never been forced to follow a religion strictly. I’ve been taught the values of our religion and I’ve been given the freedom to take part in the religion practices should I see fit. This experience has not only allowed me to see religion’s positives sides but also it’s negative sides. It’s no secret that there are multiple people who, in the name of religion, use scare tactics to earn some extra cash. There are also people who turn to God when in desperate need for some inner peace – and that’s their choice, which I respect. What I don’t understand is people that use God, and religion as a crutch. No disrespect to people with crutches, but a crutch is used when we have some disability and are not able to perform certain tasks to our full ability. It’s often seen as a sign of someone being ‘handicapped’. Again, I do apologies if this comes across as rude and insensitive, that’s most definitely not my intention. What I’m trying to say is that when I say people use religion as crutch, they use it as their handicap. They know that they have something to blame their failures on, so instead of putting 100% weight on their legs, they put 80% on the crutch and only the remaining 20% on their legs. But that’s not what religion is and it’s not what it should be – religion should be the ladder that helps you climb new heights.

 The moment you start blaming your failures on God not wanting it, you set yourself up for further failures. You don’t realize the mistakes you made that lead you to the failure, you look for a scapegoat to blame your failures on anyone but yourself…and who easier to blame than someone who can’t defend himself and be seen? Failing is not a bad thing, it allows us to learn from our mistakes so that we can make sure that we don’t make the same mistakes again and again and fail for the same reason. But when you have a ready made excuse such as blaming God’s will, you allow yourself the liberty to not have to conduct any self reflection to find out the reasons for why you failed. This, unfortunately leads one towards the cycle of failure. If a sporting personality or team loses, they don’t come out and say in the interview that they lost because God didn’t want them to win today. The come out, take responsibility and admit that they weren’t up to par, and the other team played better. They go back, do their homework and try to work on the problems where they went wrong. That is the sign of a good team, a team that learns from their losses and bounces back stronger. That is why I have a problem with people constantly saying, “God didn’t want it”…no, I’m sorry…it was YOU that didn’t want it. If you wanted it enough you would sit back and reflect as to why you didn’t get what you wanted. You wouldn’t sit back there, blame God and pretend that everything is dandy. I’m not saying that you should sit back and cry about your failures, but you need to take some responsibility for your actions and your failures.

 I guess what I’m ranting on about is being able to take responsibility for your actions. I’ve noticed that a lot of times religion allows people to wash off their hands from taking responsibility for certain things. You can blame your lack of success on something on religion, on God, and get away with the responsibility that comes with accepting failure. Religion was not created for us to use as an excuse. It was not created for us to use as a crutch, it should be something that we turn to when we need some inner strength. It should be a source of power for us to climb up the steps when going through difficult times. It’s time to start taking responsibilities for our failures. When we succeed, we are the first ones to say how hard we worked for it and that’s why we got the success…so why do we always look for a scapegoat for our failures? It’s time we stopped using religion as a crutch and turned it into our ladder. Let’s climb up the steps and walk towards a higher standard. Yes maybe something is written in your fate and your destiny is already written, but that doesn’t mean you half-arse everything. You still need to go out there and give all your effort to everything in life. So turn your crutch into a ladder and use it to climb, climb to new heights where exciting new challenges and adventures await you.

As always, here’s some food for thought, ” I have more in common with an atheist than I do with a radical religion extremist” (Paraphrased from Shantaram). Stay classy and take care!


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